After the loss of two plants and several failed attempts, one of the 6 transformers was recovered, but my mistakes were made

Any instructions or tips. lee. I’ve been aborted, and I don’t know. There’s a way to fix it.

And by water, use Distilled w

Well, let’s start from beginning…

1.) Happy frog soil and pretty much anything from fox farms I’ve not had much luck with…soil is moldy and pest infested. Coast of Maine platinum growers mix is what I use. It’s organic and solved most of my problems early on when I first started.

2.) Looks like it might be an ebb and flow system? If not, far too little soil…

3.) If growing in pots is your interest than you must try fabric pots. They allow roots to breathe and help manage mold. I’d recommend no less than 7gal bags.

4.) No nutrients for first 3-4 weeks,

5.) Lights at 50-60% for seedlings into early veg.


7 gal pots? Why?
What is the point of deminmishing returns?
Does 4 gal pots double the their of 2 gal pots?

Those pots have to be soiled, fertilized, watered, monitored and illuminated in a tent than can fit them.
I’m growing 4 plants in 2 gal bags and I think I’m holding my own.


Well, other than eliminating roots from choking each other and dealing with root rot, my yields tripled just from the plant being healthier and breathing better.


okay, I’m learning so much everyday. I thought of re-potting to 5s but I fear the transplanting might be too much stress.
I did have one idea.
I was wondering if I could place my 2 gal bag in a 5 gal bag, after punchering and shredding the side walls of the 2 gal bag. I would then fill around the 2 gal bag with my Mix-A-Soil. That would allow the root system to grow past the inner bag. The inner would almost be like an air-pot. You know, the ones that direct the roots out the sides.
I’m pretty new and struggling to learn. What do you think?

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Never tried that but should work… half of what I know is from experimentation, failure and adapting/learning on the fly.


How did potting your 2gal in the 5gal go?

I have planted 5gal fabric pots into 20gal fabric pots before. I didn’t put any holes or slice them. The roots can grow through them. I’m sure yours would do better with the holes and slices though.

To be honest, all that stuff about slits in the bag never happened.
All I did was squeeze the pot a few times to break the grip and just lifted the entire root ball, which was basically the bag.
I put that in the 5 gal pot and added the additional soil.
Must have done something right since the pants never showed any distress.

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