Advice on OG KUSH auto

Good morning, new to this and first post.
I would like to get some advice on my plants, they are looking pretty skimpy.

not enough light / photon coverage for the plant to flourish…just enough to survive


Sounds like me. “Just enough to survive!” Hahaha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Are you feeding her?

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Thanks Mike, any suggestions on lighting, I just want 2-3 plants going at a time.

I’m new to all of this, I am giving her some plant food (nothing special).

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from a health standpoint, they look good…nice color…no real afflictions that are obvious. Right now, being past early flower stage, they will only fill out so much as they may have already been stunted in bud development.
Lighting…OK, a whole area of interest…
average is about 30 watts per sq foot. 3 plants…3-5 gal container per plant…
You could get by with something like viperspectra xs 1500
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Or anything similar…spider, mars, king…FULL SPECTRUM…I no longer recommend burples (except maybe for germinating / seeding)…most of these brands you can dasiy chain as you desire to increase the grow area

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Very cool, thanks for the detailed response I really appreciate it and I will get a different lighting system, will look into the one that you sent the link to. Have a safe day :v:

I’m sorry to interrupt, but will that work for two 4 x 4s I opened up? As in, no longer a tent, but I use the walls. You know I am awful at Numbers.

LED lights do not really spread like sodim or halogen…that is why you do not see reflectors on them. Photon coverage are BEAMS…like a laser pointer…That is why side reflection is not really a worthwhile thing when using overhead leds…Bottom reflection…it does work but when you measure the lumens after they are reflected, it drops substantially. Then you have to deal with the conditions it creates - changes temps, Rh, ventilation, difficulty in watering, moving plants, etc. Look at any light meter and see how much the PPFD changes just from moving the lights 6 inches…Measure it from a reflection and it drops so much, it is not worth the time, effort nor does it really improve ROI. Still better off lollipopping…
Now, other plants might be different, lie lettuce, or others that have a different light requirement
Side lighting - is different…We used to hang t5 when we were not sprouting under them, vertically to assist in vegitative growth…

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