Advice on nutes

First time grower here. Currently growing 2 OG skunks (regulars) and plan to grow some Amnesia Purple fems later on. Any advice on what nutrients are a must have? I’ve currently got Fox Farm’s trio, and CalMag. I also use Ph Up and Down accordingly, as I need to for the soil and water. Any advice or tips?


@Bear8290 you can’t really go wrong with fox farm nutes. They aren’t personally my preference but they’re quality. The trio and calmag is all you’ll really need but I’d add some molasses and kelp in there too myself.

Also remember to start at 1/4 or 1/2 strength and increase as needed as you go. It’s really easy to over feed and lockout your plants with fox farm nutes so keep in mind when using them less is more.

Happy growing man. :v::metal::call_me_hand:

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Thanks man. Is there any particular molasses and kelp you recommend?

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@Bear8290 I use earth juice hi-brix mfp and gs plantfoods liquid kelp personally.

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