Advice on harvesting this plant. I know I have a few more weeks

I have a plant almost 8 weeks into flower. It is sativa. None of the fan leafs have even started turning brown. The flowers keep getting new white pistols. Im thinking another 3 to 4 weeks. Also I was told to put the plant in 3 days of darkness and give it ice water before harvesting. Any truth in giving it ice water the last 3 days?


@Carter14 welcome to the forum. There is truth to the dark time and the ice water. The ice water you only want to do the last few days before the dark period though before harvest as cold water shocking can kill plants that aren’t genetically predisposed to survive cold climates and frost. Sativas definitely aren’t usually found in cold environments.

I was wathing Kyle Kushman live last night and he mentioned something about leaves turning yellow but I partook a bit much and can not remember exactly what was said. Anyone else remember that?

@MoOG he was talking about the fall fade you get if you water and feed properly during flower. You can get those beautiful oranges, yellows, purples, blues, etc…