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Dropping nutrients in the soil or the bucket is not the way to feed the plants. First of all, you need to adjust the mixture to suit the growth stage. Also, you should only provide just adequate enough for their needs. Furthermore, you could also add boosters to supercharge growth. When it comes to sustenance, there are plenty of choices. Problems could also occur, resulting in a nutrient burn or deficiency. For more tips or a solution to a problem that left you stumped, then you have come to the right place.

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I am new to dirt growing. Where can I learn how to build the dirt so it is sustainable for future use?

Also I would like to learn how and what nutrients to add to the water as the plants mature through their life cycle.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


I have all the powerups but I am not sure how to mix them and how much to apply.
I am new to the homegrown hobby.
I just have 3 plants. Two in a grown tent one outside in a pot.
One of the grow tent plants is an autoflower… flowers are present.