About the Environmental Stress category

In creating new hybrids, the growth pattern is one of the traits taken into consideration. Compared to decades ago, practically any strain you grow today is more resilient and able to tolerate environmental stress - to a degree. Indoors or outdoors, anything can happen. It could get too cold or too hot, moisture in the air could become excessively high or low, and so on. No worries, though, for when there is a stressor to deal with comes up, ask, and someone will tell you what to do.

How to deal with ash and some buds look burned by the 117 temps we just had. These are just stash seeds and the plants look fine except for the cooked buds the rest just not quite ready to harvest. They have shade cloth 30% and a swamp cooler and several weeks of air quality alerts. The fires that are close will not be even contained by Oct. My Gelato is in the greenhouse looking good and I have ash and dust everywhere. HELP