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Growing marijuana hydroponically entails planning, deciding on which system, and all the other bells and whistles. Deciding to go soilless is a bold move - one that provides enormous benefits. By feeding nutrients directly, you are making sure those beautiful marijuana plants have all they need to give you all that you need. Getting started and everything else does not have to be a mystery, and the answers are here.

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Really moving to try DWC on a budget. Any thoughts on Reservoir systems vs. buckets with air pump & stones.

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I made my own “bubble bucket” / DWC (Deep Water Culture)

all you need is a black tote with the yellow lid… cut out holes in the lid (either 2", 3", 4") then put your net cups into the holes. the net cups should fit snug! The only equipment that you will need is an air pump, an air stone(s), and the hose to connect the air stone to your air pump! You can order them online; although, i recommend making your own if you want to save some money!