A lil Heat control

Hello and good morning. Need a little advice on heat control. Im running a 4x4 with 3 lights, (2) vivosun 1000 and (1) viparspectre 2000. My heat is between 87-89 degrees. I have 3 fans in the grow room but it hasn’t brought down the temp. My inline fan isn’t running yet because I’m in veg stage. Any help or incite is greatly appreciated.

No need to have all that light on at this stage of plant development. I would cut back to 1 light for now and move plants closer together under it. As your plants grow and need more room and light you can spread them out and turn on your intake and or exhaust fans. At this stage i would think 1 fan circulating inside the tent should be plenty until you get more vegetation.

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Cool thank you. I’ll try that

Hi Dennis!

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Beautiful setup you have. :heart_eyes:.

I hope you don’t mind my asking, what are you growing and what is the reason for the heat setting?

You can put one of these temp controllers on one of your inline fans placing the sensor at plant height and set temp to what you want.

they cost 30$ on amazon but work like a charm of your system is not already set up with temp control.


I do not have one but will in 10 minutes lol


No kidding. Me, too.

I have this one hooked up to a cheep 600 cfm bathroom exaust fan mounted in the wall to help with air exchange


I prefer the inkbird wifi temp controllers. You can monitor/control the temp from your phone, and it has a logging function. Mine controls 2 inline fans and a heater.


This is some screen shots if the app. Each controller cost me 50$, 1 for temp, 1 for humidity. Both will controll multiple devices and allow you to essentially automate your temp/humidity.

My RH controller has a humidifier, a dehumidifier and 3 fans connected to it.

The only thing missing is a light sensor to run different parameters during light/dark cycles.