A funny thing happened on the way to the harvest…

A while back, I had a grow interruption, had to delay the most recent planting a month. Then I had issues with seeds getting started, and lost a month with nothing growing, and ended up with only one viable plant in the tent.
Sooo, long story short, I ran out of weed maybe a month ago. I’ve got one pretty decent plant a week or so from chop, and a pair of seedlings taking off like gangbusters.

But honestly, I noticed that I’m getting a lot more accomplished with my hobbies and whatnot since I ran out. I’d say in the last three days, I’ve put in close to thirty hours puttering with miniature construction projects I’ve been threatening to do for a year. I’ve bought a new miniature engine, and I’m building the accessories for it, for example. I do enjoy me some weed, I cannot lie, but I’m getting a whole lot more done with the couch magnet out of action……


@Northcountryguy maybe grow a nice energetic productive cultivar too so you can still get lit and get shit done.

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I vape or eat Durban Poison daily and have a very productive life. I worked stoned most of my career (HIGH tech) and enjoyed great success, was well paid and well respected until I retired at 63.


Good thoughts. Just something I noticed.

I start every day with a hit from my one-hitter loaded with Blue Dream Auto. It gets me goin’ and helps with my arthritis. At least I believe it does. I haven’t tweaked my back since starting that routine, then I may or may not bump it later, depending what I’ve got going on. Ain’t life great!


Suggestions? I always need to get sh-- done.

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@GrnyGrows I personally like purple haze, orange skunk, agent orange, sour diesel, etc… for day time use for energy and fighting fatigue. All of the ones mentioned come with a decent physical uplift too along with the mental uplift. It can be a bit much for some users but for most daily and medicinal users there’s just enough calm in them so the physical and mental enlivening isn’t too much.

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I guess my issue is that because of so many years of prohibition, our culture of feast or famine led to binge use. Try as I might to use in a pharmaceutical way, when I’ve got plenty, it’s easy to end up “smoking because we’re smoking”. I also quit cigarettes after fifty years, and weed became a bridge there. This last month or so has been the first with neither. That’s probably part of it.

I love the blueberry, and it’ll remai; to be seen how things work out this next go round.

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@Northcountryguy I get it man. I used to habitually smoke too and quit for a long time before I started using medicinally again. I rarely smoke these days and I’m a total lightweight but that makes it easier on me on the medicinal standpoint. I mostly grow now for my lady and because I enjoy it. It’s cathartic.

This is awesome. I need all attributes listed. Any suggestions on genetics? I initially bought HGCC White Widow.

I don’t want to habitually smoke again, but it’s so hard for me not to. I love to smoke – the addiction – cigs and goodies. But, I need to focus on medicinal use and just life enjoyment – not couch lock.

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I think ultimately it comes down to a bit of mental toughness, which paradoxically, is what we seek to avoid.

When I was single parent of a kindergartner, I instituted the eleven o’clock rule. Nothing that might be construed as neglectful by even the strictest standard before eleven o’clock. He was long grown, his much younger brother graduated high school before either of them ever saw me smoke weed or have more than one drink.

I’ve earned the irresponsibility of retirement now, and with that I actually can get high in the morning if I so choose. I just have to decide what I’m doing with the day before reaching for it, or strictly micro dose if I need to be somewhere……

I grew some moby dick last grow gigantic yields 25-30 percent thc mostly a sativa strain few puffs of this stuff and you want to build a house!!! It’s a very powerful high that puts you in a highly productive mood with zero couch lock a truly great wake and bake strain. Outside plants were giants very easy to grow had over 20 oz a plant!!!