A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman. EP 14: Drying and Curing Your Cannabis Buds

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When drying your cannabis, the rule of thumb is to let the plants hang in a nice climate-controlled environment for 7 to 10 days, maybe 14 days at most. Once the harvest appears fairly dry, perform these simple tests to confirm if it’s ready for curing: Bud check You have to use your touch and…

Very informative article but it begs the question, What size glass jars should be used?
I realize this could depend on several factors, but generally as a rule thumb…

1 gal jar = 128 fl oz. =~ ? flower oz.
1/2 gal jar = 64 fl oz. = ~ ? flower oz.
32 fl oz =~ ? flower oz.

I am attempting to calculate the number of xx size jars and the number / correct gram Boveda packets for said number of jars. Hoping some more experienced growers could share some tips.

I get jars with the hinged lids. I use both clear glass and solid colored ones.

The idea is to fill your jars loosely with your bud, not packing them in.
If you have a lot of bud to cure, get larger jars. Just don’t stuff too much in each one.

I use one Boveda pack in a 2 qt jar. It seems to keep it just fine.

Now that’s what I’m talkin about, fine looking jar, but still didn’t answer the question. Boveda packets are sized by gram for a particular amount of herb. 62% RH is what I am looking at, 8 gram packets for up to 1 oz of herb. Larger packets for up to a pound (wishful thinking), smaller for less than an ounce.

I am envisioning a 32 fl. oz. (quart) size jar for 1 oz. of herb which would require the 8 gram Boveda pack. Does the math work here or am I over thinking? If so, then I can guesstimate size and number of jars / Boveda.

I don’t want to count my chickens just yet but with supply chain issues and shipping time I am trying to be proactive. I may need to order cases of 32 oz jars or a few gallon jars. 64 oz jars (half gallon) appear to be a good middle ground but are Out of Stock till Sept. Thanks!

Pretty spot on as far as jars go. I use 1 62% Bovida per jar filled with up to 1.oz of bud for long term storage in 65-75F temperature dark location (laundry room cabinet is perfect for me. If I have less than 1oz, I still use same jar, same Bovida. It is never too much but can be too little. You will begin to get a feel of how your bud should feel. Sometimes I reduce the Bovida to the 58% 8Gram per 32oz jar if I have moist buds. Some strains retain more moisture than others.
Temperature can be a factor as well as what stage of curing you are at. Make sure you have dried / harvested properly before jarring so you “get no mold” MON!