8 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis

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More states than ever have legalized the use of medical marijuana, with some also allowing recreational use, and in some states you’re also permitted to grow cannabis in your home. Granted, there are restrictions, but this is still a significant improvement compared to the old days and the ridiculous war on drugs. Times are changing…

my wife and i grew indoor 6 of Homegrowns seeds this last season. GG #4 Fem. (for our first try at your seeds) Started at 18 hours of light until the 6th week. Then flipped to 12 hours. Trimmed real hard all the way. Had not one issue. Last two weeks of flower (15 and 16 weeks) we were down to 9 hours of light and room temperature of 55 degrees. We thoroughly tested this GG 4 Fem. hard and still produced 39 ounces of solid bud. it is truelly worth the money we spent in seeds and light and of course the Happy Time Thing. That being", every bud we use, has every Trichome we grew. Happy People Party at HGForum.