7wk HG Moby Dick Autos

The budding has begun!

Question, is there a first sign they’re getting too much light(too close)? The temp and humidity are stable as rocks so unless it got hotter, I didn’t want to move it until necessary. Of course I won’t wait for damage but if I do wait too long, I was hoping there was a sign. TIA

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Nice job on the training! :+1:

I use a light meter to dial in my height and dimmer setting. They can take a lot more light than you might expect. Our eyes aren’t very good at measuring in that range.

If it’s too high you’ll get burnt looking leaves in the upper parts of the canopy but the lower parts will look ok. Sort of the opposite of a nutrient deficiency where it usually starts from the bottom.

If it’s too low, the plants might stretch more than they should and look “skinny” or “lanky”.

There’s a pretty wide range in the middle though where you won’t see either of those problems. The plant just won’t do as much photosynthesis as it could have, and the amount it does do has a direct correlation to total yield.


Thank you. I just use a bent into a hook paper clip and hold with a binder clip. It’s been decades since we grew indoor and still getting used to LEDs. My light meter reads 350-500, hard to get a reliable reading as it’s a cheap POS so was looking for visual clue. Thank you!!

I had a 1-2wk humidity problem right at beginning which stunted them but apparently at the right time as they are really compact with almost no stretching now. Humidity meter locked up at 57% and neither me or mrs realized it as we just thought the other was adding water to humidifier as it always looked mostly full. But neither of us was. Fixed now.