420 sale didn’t work for me

Did anyone else order seeds on the 420 sale where they were supposed to double the order ?I placed orders but every time I’d go to check out it would change my order and take off the free seeds . I messaged a support person Oscar to cancel order he said he did but it went threw Friday he wouldn’t listen to me and said I changed order well it automatically was supposed to double order if you spent $150 it would show ordered doubled but after I paid for it then extra seeds were not in my order and it’s dated 4-24-21 pisses me off now there is another sale if he had canceled like he said he did but didn’t Oscar the support agent was worst person I ever dealt with and they need to post operators hours they work and have on phones when there closed so disappointed I wanted to speak to supervisor Oscar wouldn’t let me and I only ordered because of sale and got screwed the seeds are great all germinated and all female but support service mainly Oscar sucks so disappointed tried for 2 weeks to get matter fixed with no help if you had this problem please let me know

hey steve. sorry you had to go through all that. i did order around that time. my orders are showing the free seeds but i’m yet to get them.

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@Kronic do you have an email / contact he can use to get this resolved

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It happened to me to i ordered afghan female seeds and the sent me pure indica was supposed to get 12 and 12 free i only got 12 indica because its not bogo and no free seeds i talk to oscar. ever time i order to get free seeds something goes wrong

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Thanks Heidi just disappointed I couldn’t talk with a supervisor like I asked when I emailed them right after I noticed order was night right and I could not get any help from this Oscar support guy

He was absolutely no help to me I have never had such a hard time trying to explain things to a support person so I just said cancel my order Oscar he said it had been canceled so over a week and half later after he said it was canceled i got a email saying order on its way so i understand he doesn’t pay attention to customers

I have ordered over 40 seeds i have never gotten free seeds everytime i order to get free seeds something goes wrong and it’s always my fault

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Wish I had a large enough area to maximize my breeding capabilities takes to long with minimal space, would like to see 99cent seeds… where did they go?

Ask for a supervisor I talked to elana she was great went back and read the sale promo and said I was right and is sending me my extra seeds I’m happy I asked to speak to supervisor I’ve always been happy with seeds I followed Kyle’s germinate directions and every seed has germinated and all female gonna be a great growing year can’t wait to grow and taste my skunk weed anyways I’m happy with homegrown and remember if you can’t get your problem solved ask for supervisor and I think Oscar needs to be retrained he sucks with customers and won’t listen to them supervisor did what Oscar should have read the sale promotion instead of saying 3 different reasons why I didn’t get it anyway I know if I have a problem to talk to supervisor and they will take care of it they have my trust and confidence except Oscar

… well I guess this goes out to OSCAR!

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to Oscar