4 feet high and risen

Hi All, Not sure if this is the right place to do this so bare with me. My story goes like this. All12 seeds popped within three days, planted in Root Riot with dome and heat mat March 1st. Under lights 18-6 until June 1st then outside. Had some white leaf due to light transition to full sun, trimmed some and we are all good to go now. BBF leads the pack at almost 5 feet, MD comes in second by a nose, with GSC+JH close behind, SK rounds out the pack.
All green with Humbolt Master A&B with Genormas for bloom, White Widow applied until they went outside. Planted 12 fruit trees and digging holes for the plants has kept me busy for the last two months. I’m pleased with everything so far, watched Kyles videos and did some homework. Will try for pics as time permits, just not to computer savvy.


well, it sounds like you are on the right track…Anywhere is the right place. If you post in another forum, just try to stay centered on the theme of the forum…we all get offtrack

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Sounds like things are going good. Just a couple of questions for you outdoors. Are you planning on topping or pruning? I find it advantageous to top prune heavily on my outdoor girls that get to that 5 foot busting out of the tomato cage height. My girls tend to do better (final net yield of top buds and less pop corn bottom buds) when I make multi top bushes around this height versus the tall beast. I guess what I’m getting at is if your plants are 4 to 5 feet now this early in the season. It’s only the solstice now. Since you unleashed the krakens into the ground. They may past 10 feet by the time they start stacking buds. Do you want plants that tall? Are you in legal land following by the rules? Or are you growing below the radar like so many do? I don’t think anything is wrong and I don’t want to give you that impression. I’m just thinking final height.

No one ever accuse me of being brief, I have to elaborate. When I find a strain is just too unruly tall I keep it in small pots on purpose. And do not release it into the ground. The only strains I put in the ground early or stretch indoors extra tall first are strains that tend to be short and squat. I’ll stretch them extra tall and never top them before I release them outside and let them do their best to stretch. But most of my varieties I grow (think most modern hybrid crosses) love to grow and reach for the sky. I’ve noticed the last couple of seasons I don’t release them in the ground till right at the solstice. I find I have to top them less and they grow just to the right height by the time fall comes. Sometimes if I top cut a stretch beast too many times I think it negatively affects the yield. (Never top them once flowers appear, just during vegetative stretch.) Root binding early is definitely the way to go in this scenario. I want to reiterate I don’t think you’re having any problems or doing anything wrong. More a big picture thought to keep in mind is the final height of the plants. If it is the first time you’ve grown that strain you can research your strain, but you really have no idea how tall they get in the end until you run them once. (your grow style, climate, etc. ) I Hope you can follow my train of thought.

If you have only grown indoors, or only go outdoors in pots, you have never seen the true stretch of a cannabis plant. When you unleash them into the ground the amount of growth they can do in a week is mind boggling.


In my mind I saw fruit trees as cannabis trees. If you didn’t put them in the ground then disregard my last message

I just planted eight peach trees and five nectarine trees. And a couple of apple trees that are new cultivars. I love orchard growing as much as cannabis growing. My blueberries are my claim to fame though. And they have nothing to do with me. 20 years before I bought this house somebody planted blueberries in the floodplain of my creek. They are ancient bushes now with trunks and buckets of berries all summer long. Even enough to share with the birds.

🫀🫀 I can’t seem to win with the strawberries though. The little bunnies seem to mow off all the strawberries down to the stem. They love the leaves. They leave everything else alone in my garden so I can’t complain. I planted 300 more strawberries last year and every single one of them are eaten down to the nubbins. I don’t have the heart to get a BB gun.


I’m all over here like​:scream:. That would be so glorious to observe. It’s just amazing the creations that come out of a seed. All that energy potential. :star_struck:

I’m in dire need of starting some trees. I’ll stick with my baby Blue Spruces for now. My seeds are screaming at me. :rofl::v: Mornings especially. Hey! If I get this Pagoda tree to take again, do you want? It’s going to be a monster one day and I’ll even send you the seeds. Too large and in charge for me at this time and I don’t want them to go to waste. She likes the marsh type areas, if I’m remembering correctly. I may be mistaken.

I have always loved blue spruces. I remember even as a small child thinking how pretty and unique their blue needles are.

Honestly, I’ve never heard of or have any visual imagery of what a pagoda tree is. I will definitely be looking that up and then later today. :eyes:

I have found myself moving towards what Permaculturist call the edible forest. I have been planting trees for a few years now (say the last five) that grow things I can eat. I’m huge fans of the multi graft fruit trees. The fruit cocktail trees are great because you can have overlapping fruit ripening season all on one tree. My cherry tree has sweet red first, then the bings, then the Raineer’s. Each one is about a week apart thru June/July overlap. My apples are the same way.

My peaches and nectarines I’m doing separate trees though, because they don’t like to grow in the wet environment. They get leaf curl. So I want to find the ones that grow best here and then graft the hell out of the winners together into their own multi peach and nectarine trees. I bought all the ones that are “supposed” to grow well without curl in my region. Just like you would first research cannabis. Now I’m doing the actual trails with the trees… only a longer wait than cannabis.

Sorry I go off on tangents a lot this is not the original thread. I know that drives some people crazy.

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I grew some Indica last year that reached 7 feet and yes it is amazing how fast they grow when they hit the sun. Topped them at 3 feet and trimming off the fan leaves seems to be working for me. It’s just a hobby, but the guys here are really into growing outdoors and very experienced, to them it’s all about good dirt.


Some of this stuff is over my head for now and my overall confidence will not be high until a few more harvests. What I’m learning is timing, topping, trimming and observing what my girls are trying to tell me. I have a disability that makes me go slow and it’s hard to get around sometimes, hoping the girls will help with issues I’m having. Don’t mind if you ramble, one more cup of coffee and I could turn into a real Gabby Haze.

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Hi Dwight, A commercial grow upriver starts early under lights then puts them outside at 4-5 feet in June so I tried that. All in dirt now and looking good, loving the sun, feed neuts once a week. It is amazing to see them grow so fast overnight, all trimmed out and working on support for branches now, come on sun. Had a nice grow last year, Yeager was developed from and for this area, had a small amount of mold which was my fault for watering the whole plant, rookie mistake.

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No worries more power to you. Bigger plants mean bigger buds for sure. I was Just making sure you knew how big those would get. You do :+1::yum:.

I guess I should elaborate my warning thoughts. (Start rant) Here where I live it is legal to buy and smoke. It’s been legal in Washington for a while to buy from the state sanctioned stores. They just heavily prefer that you buy from them and leave the growing to the state.

Any home grows here are seriously prohibited. There’s not even a medical exemption that’s reasonable. Basically they lost me at requirement of live camera feed at all times to the state monitors. Anyway, here they cracked down more than ever on unlicensed outdoor grows. Way worse than before legalization. Before legalization we used to go to the Sunday open air markets. One could get clones along with your tomatoes and handmade mozzarella cheese. Not anymore. In the name of the weeD taxes. Basically the state became the meanest cartel ever along with the long arm of the law to enforce it. As no body else could. And it’s all paid for with cannabis tax revenue. It’s a big deal to have a plant stand out in the backyard above the rest of the foliage. Almost an automatic bust. The state house keeps declining an amendment for homegrows. It is based on now legal homebrews with parallel laws. They keep declining to even debate it on the house floor. That would advance it as a bill to be voted upon. They have declined this amendment every year since legalization. It’s too lucrative to tax it tightly. As far as I know Washington state is the only state that prohibits home grows in all manners. The best part is the prohibition enforcement here is paid for by cannabis excise taxes. It’s appalling and sad🥲.

Not to carry-on, but the initial excise tax above state sales tax was 36%. Eights were initially 80$ for medium quality. Very high prices where the taxes exceeded the product price often (after state sales tax was added yikes). They kept it that way for a whole year until Oregon came online with a much lower tax rate. And with all of the Washington residents having gone to Oregon for cheap weed, so much cheaper. That same year Oregon was very generous with any cannabis licenses. Anyone that wanted to grow could for any reason. They so overgrew the market and the price collapsed. They were giving away ounces in Oregon for $100 with a free ounce. Prices were so cheap there. No exaggeration. So because of Oregons low tax rate, Washingon legislators now settle on a more reasonable tax rate because the economics of it forced their evil tax hungry hands. And end of rant.

I don’t know how it’s done where you live. If it’s tucked away or embraced in the open. Either way it can change fast either direction.

Personally, I love being able to go buy my weed now and then at the state sanctioned store. Especially if I want to try out a new flavor of something. But, I will never consider it legal until I can grow it on my front porch to a 10 foot tall tree with an American flag coming out of the top of it and not worry about law-enforcement. Basically treated like a tomato plant instead of something that it isn’t.

Happy Fourth of July everybody. I’m really stoned right now sorry for the long rant.


**No worries Kitty, I’m not going to say much on this platform with whoever I correspond with, just sayin. I was busted 55 years ago for one joint, I needed gas and if I made it to the top of the hill I could coast to the station, no sweat. No dice, it quit, I pulled over and the very next car over the hill was a cop, I thought I was clean. He found the number under the carpet where I was saving it and do you know it’s still on record. Was going to be a Realtor so they did a background check and I couldn’t remember back that far, seemed small to me anyway. They called me on it, so I asked the gal if she could give me a hint, she said, when you were 16, and I remembered, talk about being thorough. **Just had some coffee and upside down cake so I’m ready for you, oh by the way I live in Oregon. We are two disable veterans on fixed income and I’m more of a dysfunctional, decrepit, demented, sober, deplorable. She is a woman, what else can I say. To capitalize, for financial gain, on some ones medical condition is illegal in all states, me thinks. The overall view changed when the gumment figured out there was $ to be made, your state is overkilling it, feels like some sort of oppression, SS, Gestapo Iron Fist type of thing. Why can’t peeps get along? About the plants, I did my homework, tall is good, it’s all about the medical benies to us, we will not take narcotics for pain, she has MS etc… More later.

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