3x3 tent, 4 plants all over a foot

It seems from lights to fans and vent and nutes…
I’m a little stressed.
That being said, I’m thinking I should flip soon cause I’m gonna run out of tent space. Any advice here plz??

How tall is your 3x3? Good morning, hope you are having a good start today.

Just shy of 6’. Supposed to be 3x3x6, but it’s a little short.

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With lights and vent really have about 5’

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The girls can up to double in size after the flower switch over. If you are worried about any of them being runners, I would flip at 2’-2.5’. You will lose a bit of height too with your light base/ballast and however you have them clipped in. Hope this info is helpful and informative for you, have a great weekend!

Ok, I would def not go over 2’ then. Stay lifted, my friend.

Thanks for the advice. Being a first timer I allowed alot of stuff to stress me out…
Stay lifted

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it also depends on strain/s you grow. Auto are shorter than phot, indica bushier and shorter than sativa. Sativa does a good stretch at flower time…from 16-30 inches or more. Learn to TRAIN your plants, top, fim, LST, CHiropractics and bend them over to grow horizontal
Figure top of ten, light hanging, 12-18 inches of space between light and tops of plants and then down to however low you go…Just work backwards. You do not want buds touching lights, getting light burn,stressed, hermies…ect.

Thanks for the advice. Im trying to just give the ladies what they need…