3 strains - Plants all look the same

Beginner with growing from seeds and from online seed purchases, not a beginner growing. Here’s my issue: I received 3 strains, Durban Poison, Purple Urkle and Gelato from Homegrown Seeds. One strain a Sativa, one an Indica and the other a hybrid. The seeds all germinated, but after 2 months under lights in the greenhouse before taking them outdoors, they all look exactly the same; same leaf size, color and shape; same plant configuration/habit; same size, same everything. In my experience, there should be some observable differences in the three strains, some little differentiator. I’d expect the Sativa to be long and leggy, with smaller leaves; and the Indica to be short and stout with wider leaves. What’s up?

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@DonCarlitos you won’t see much difference in veg seeing as they all share similar node spacing and bud structures. Durban poison is considered a “pure” landrace sativa but it grows like an indica until it flowers then is stretches like crazy. It’s buds grow like an indica too but they have conical shape like a pine cone. It will smell very sweet woody and earthy. Almost like that sweet smell of the forest after a rain.

Purple urkle doesn’t stretch as much and should develop some purple hues. It will have smaller tightly packed conical buds that are denser and not as large as the Durban poison. It will smell like skunk and berries. Like musky grapes almost.

Gelato will have conical buds too that look a lot like Durban poison as it is in its lineage but they will be slightly smaller and have a completely different smell. Gelato will have a musky berry citrus smell with undertones of wood.