3 bears og/ghost train haze/ sno

3 bears og/ ghost train haze


Nice rich colors there. :v:t2: :star_struck:


thanx often autoflowers have to be harvested sequenuley.

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Sorry this site works a bit different, but thanx, as i was saying often autos have to be harvested sequenuley or the flower low on plant will not be ready, the largest plant streched out, then in last 2 weeks hade wide rh swings that affected the larger plant, gave smaller plant last dose of Bloombastic and when it drys out will flush out with cold water as this will help your pistols turn, but the top part of larger plant was showing about 25% amber trichome.

ghost haze is at day 60, should have put in bigger pot, used bakeing soda to up my ph bc when the rh started swinging had to check out everything and was suprised to see my ph fell 7 points but all is fine now, was able to get some very rare un feminized auto seeds by my favorite breeder Mdanzig called sour 60, old school blueberry x master kush x sour diesel x sour bubbly. If things work out and get more females will sacrifice one to polinate free stable seeds are a good thing, may even grow some f5 auto and pollinate that and see what happens.

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