2x2 tent too small for 3 girls

day 4 of 12/12 tent is pretty full with 2 ww photo & 1 unknown photo, hoping for the best, have a bunch of clones ready for outdoors.


looks like 10lbs of stuff in a 5 lb bag…lol
trim and defoliate and they should all do fine
make sure you feed after defoliation…you can trim out everything below the 3rd node…only nugs and anything you remove, including some of the upper / outside branches, will just make BIGGER BUDS

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I’ll be trimming again just before their next feeding, I must have trimmed pounds off these already, plus clones. My compost bin is getting full…seems these girls want to be fed more frequently lately?

I also started with a 2x2x4 ft Tent, and it also was too small for 3 plants. I tried to let them grow to full size, and the experience proved to be miserable. It’s barely big enough for my current Grow of 2 well-trained Afghan Kush Fem 20-inch plants, which will be its last assignment. My next tent is slightly bigger, and awaits in the box it was shipped in.

When they go through growth spurts they feed voraciously

I already bought 3 gal bags for my next indoor grow. hopefully 3-3gallon grow bags will be the ideal fit…