2nd year results as grower

Hey y’all , sorry for the silence . Been on the down low.
I thank everyone who responded to my other topic.

Here’s what I’ve been doing : these are 2 of my strains that I raised this year. This is only my 2nd try raising.

Banana OG :banana:

Fruity Pebbles

Please comment on you think of my second year as Team GREEN


If I HAD to pick one to try first I would be all over those fruity pebbles.

But I do love bananas for a snack. :banana:

Nice looking grow. The only problem I can see is you are hooked on growing now.

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I know right. Getting ready to start new grow

Looking good man. keep it up. They look tasty already!

And if you haven’t smoked banana OG before, it’ll defiantly be in the favorites!