2nd year results as grower

Hey y’all , sorry for the silence . Been on the down low.
I thank everyone who responded to my other topic.

Here’s what I’ve been doing : these are 2 of my strains that I raised this year. This is only my 2nd try raising.

Banana OG :banana:

Fruity Pebbles

Please comment on you think of my second year as Team GREEN


If I HAD to pick one to try first I would be all over those fruity pebbles.

But I do love bananas for a snack. :banana:

Nice looking grow. The only problem I can see is you are hooked on growing now.

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I know right. Getting ready to start new grow

Looking good man. keep it up. They look tasty already!

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And if you haven’t smoked banana OG before, it’ll defiantly be in the favorites!

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Hey there green friend. You waz rite . Taste amazing and the buzz is bar none either. Here is some buds