2021 BruceBannerFast and StrawberryCough Outdoor Grow

@BlackIrishRedneck glad the girls have started recovering though. :grin::v:


You know I thought about grabbing some of the runoff but it was a fleeting thought at best…lol.


@BlackIrishRedneck a slurry test will give you a better idea of ph at the root zone. Run off ph and ppm can give you an idea if you have salt build up or excessive nutrients causing issues but it can also be misleading in a soil especially with organics and living soils. Nutrients break down slowly in organics and the water can pass straight through and have the same ph going in and coming out. A slurry test near the root zone is your best bet.

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Oh yea, that’s how I test. Just didn’t do it. And I always adjust to 6.5.

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Thursday, 06 May 21…
Gurls look good. All cups are grayed. Will brew up some nutrients at 25%.

Friday, 07 May 21…
WEEK 3S/3…
Morning update…
End of week 3 of seedling. Watered all till runoff. All look good. All working on 3rd 4th set. BigSister has roots coming out of bottom of cup.

Will transfer all gurls to 1 gallon cloth once cups dry out. They will remain in the cloth pots for least 2-3 weeks. My outside temps are still in the 30’s to 40’s at night.

With all officially working on 3-4th set will move them into veg stag.