20 yr Old Seeds

I have some very old seeds that were stored in a plastic baggy. No clue on strain type but I have 3 seed vials full. Any suggestions on germinating these types of seeds? Should I try or just forget them? I wish I knew the strains, there was some amazing stuff around back in the day.

Hi @LilMic I would try the normal damp paper towel method…you could first try dumping all of them in a jar of water and the ones that sink would be more likely to sprout than the ones that float if I am remembering that old ‘wives tale’ correctly…

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I have propagated some old seeds but a few tricks sometimes help
Place them in the fridge for 3 days to a week
best to have some kind of desiccant in with them
soak in half milk, half water and 10-20% h2o2 (peroxide)
12-24 hrs
use the paper towel method…sometimes I add a drop of molasses (just a drop) to the water I wet my towels with…they may need the sugar.
keep germination temp at around 75°f (avg house temp)