2 week progress

Just wanted to show my two week progress. Not too happy with it autoflower seeds. Would love tips from all. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

They don’t look bad at all but to get the most out of autos its important to keep your lights going 24/7 without it they won’t get big like we all want them to

They look pretty good for 2 weeks. Not sure what kind of lights you have but I don’t see anything wrong at this stage with them.

This is my Gorilla Glue autoflower grow I have going right now. They started 6th week of flower yesterday…I run mine on a 15/9 light cycle and they’re doing all right. Day 72 today from popping through the ground.

Might have done better with a longer lights on cycle but I run open tent and it’s in my bedroom…so it has to be lights out when I go to sleep and back on when I get up in the morning.

I’m thinking 2-3 more weeks on 3 of them and maybe 4-5 on the slow poke (rear left). All are out of same batch of seeds and started at same time with same everything but she needed more time to build flower. Her nodes are so close together.

Next run will probably do 18/6 to see if it boosts yield any. I’m old and retired but new to growing so it’s been a learning experience for me.


Man they look awesome gorgeous lady’s

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Thank you so much! I’m really anxious to give it a try. I have another month of grow, then a month or so of dry and cure. But I’ll just be patient. I have some other smoke to get me by until then.

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Glad for you man I run.outta smoke month half ago now after harvest iv got enough to hold.me.over tell.my next grow is finished up I’m waiting on seed to come in cherry pie forbidden fruit and grape ape gonna run three strains .this run

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I hate running out. That’s why I started doing this…hopefully never run out again.

Good luck on your grow. Throw some pics up when you get them started :grinning:

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That’s same reason I’m doing it but no matter what iv always run out smoke before my plants were near ready good luck learn all u can about csnnibus growing keep eye on ur pH 6.8 pretty good for photo period plants 5.8for auto flowers