2 strawberry pie 420 fasrbuds

The two plants were from the same everything.
One looks ok and one looks bad. It look like iron problems. It started 3 weeks ago. They are 6 weeks
In this photo. I tried flushing. The run off ph. was
5.9 I am using FF soil. When this started I had not
Used any nutrients. Since the flush I tried cal/mag
Then a week later I had some TPS. One that has micro nutrients in it. It just won’t get better. Maybe
It is genetic?.

I am assuming these are autos, it looks like one is showing dominance toward sativa and one is showing dominance toward indica. The sativas are always going to be more stretchy and probably less dense buds as an indica might provide. They both look ok to me.

I have also been using strictly FF products for over a year and a half now and can tell you that their soil comes in extremely acidic at times. What I have found to combat this is to add some pulverized garden lime into my soil and it has worked wonders for my soil and the problems I was having like nute lockout and calcium problems. In fact you could top dress with this and it might help you finish strong. I always ph my water with FF, I tried not doing it and it went south real quickly.

In my experience autos show one of three dominant traits. Sativa, Indica, or Ruderalis in worse cases and I can’t say if it is due to stress or just genetics. Probably just genetics.

this is a ruderalis dominate plant. You can see all the leaves only have 3 fan leaves…it will produce foxtail bud. But I have also found while it looks like crap, the taste and potency are there more so than other grows. I have only had maybe 3 or 4 plants do this to me out of 70. If anything I am going to keep growing this plant to use for edibles, hash, or rosin. People who destroy entire grows and throw them away are idiots imho

Thanks for your input. They are auto’s.
I grew 2 gelato from same company 420 fastbuds.
They gave me no problems at all.

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