1st time attempting autoflower have couple questions

Ok I’m going to try my hand at some autos I’ve done one successful photo harvest and I got some free auto seeds 3 B52 and 2 deelight I think they are called but I’m wanting to crack the b52 seeds I have 1gal 3 gal and 7 gal pots wondering which pot size to use from what I’ve read since I’m using a mostly coco coir mix I won’t have to use as large a pot as if I were growing in soil some I was thinking probably the 3 gal or the 1gal but the 1’s I’m thinking might be to small. Space is not an issue I have more then enough space , also I’m wondering about the feeding schedule how different will it be from the photo schedule I follow any info will be appreciated thanks in advance

Three gallon will probably be fine. I’d recommend tying down the tops, LST, but nothing more severe. Think of growth schedules provided by seed sellers as best case scenario. If it says ten weeks, think twelve. If it says 225g/m2, think 100-150 ish. Easy on the nutes, lots of light, lots of circulation of air……

Thank you so much for the info and just to make sure I’m understanding correctly at no point do I use nutes at drum strength

Assuming you’re growing in commercially prepared soil, I’d cut the dosage of nutes to about half package guidelines, maybe less, and stop feeding nitrogen when buds appear. In my case, I’m growing in fox farms ocean forest, with a central core of happy frog. I use the fox farms liquid trio at about half strength, following their schedule. I’m still gett8ng a bit of nute burn at that . Gotta back off the nitrogen sooner.

@Northcountryguy I’m growing in pretty close 50/50 mix of sunshine#4 advanced which is coco perlite myco and silica no nutes and the other is Roots formula 707 now my understanding is that the roots has some stuff in it but it’s supposed to be pretty light according to the girl at the grow shop

You got me. Probably something you could google dosage recommendations.

Thanks for the info I greatly appreciate your help just so you know I’m going to run them at quarter strength and see how everything looks go from there