1st auto grow, nervous all advice welcome!

hello everyone I’m still figuring out how to navigate this forum ( or any forum for that matter, not tech-savvy at all !) anyway, I’m going to try n post some pic’s I have 8 auto 4 Kush XL & 3 Triple XL they are approx. 18" from light setup / MARS HYDRO tsw 2000 SET @ 100% power, Daytime temp. is 83-84 degrees, night time 77 degrees humidity is @ approx.45 - 50 % .I have 3 little fans (I will be getting a better fan setup in a bit) & a humidifier .I have a question: Can I use some LST on these girls or top them? I’ve gotten different. opinions on that , I’m using all COM products (Coast of maine) super soil etc…also does it matter that I have my auto’s all in different stages of growth, in the same tent ? I didn’t plan that but some started off very slow due to Helmet head . My girls range from about 1 1/2 " w/ 3 sets of leaves to a girl that’s at about 5 - 6 " w/ numerous sets of leaves & I actually see numerous buds starting on the biggest plant & 2 other girls. I’ve been trying to upload some pic’s, but I just can’t seem to figure out how to do it, ugh ! I’ve done it b4 ,n I think I’m doing it the same way but it’s not working,so until then u’ll have to picture it ,lol !

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I keep all of mine in various stages in one tent, with 2 lights so I can adjust each if needed and will user a “booster seat” also to get a plant to the same height as the other if needed…

I do start the little ones in my closet under a blurple for a couple of weeks or so, and just started my first LST’s…not topping or fimming any …yet!

Hello ,hello anybody , I need advice !!! on the Auto’s I’m growing . I need to know #1 if topping is recommended, or LST & re: light’s what height is recommended for my girl’s . I wrote a posting above about my whole setup ( tent ,light’s ,temp ,humidity % etc. ) could somebody read it over & let me know if I need to adjust anything I’m doing .This is the 1st grow I’ve attempted (AUTO’s) I went thru 12 seeds already (not cheap ! ) so I’m super neurotic w/ this grow .Thank you in advance for all the advice & tip’s.