1mth Moby Dick, don’t b a dick, learn from my mistake

We had a two week+/- period where my humidity meter locked up and stunted the growth. Two are recovering strong, the other two are definitely stunted. How this went so long is that me and the mrs assumed the other was adding water to humidifier but it wasn’t running out. It’s now one persons job, live and learn and don’t work with wife (gets smacked in head) I mean learn to communicate better! Yeah, that’s what I meant.


@Darkstar528 You are soooo lucky to have your wife there with you on this journey.
Seedlings definitely need higher humidity until they get their roots established…but on the bright side of this you stressed them good so they should grow up strong!


Great lesson. Hubs and I could have real problems ahead. Communication, is that how you spell it?