1970’s Colombian

I lived in Puerto Rico from 1974 through 1977. Back then we were getting nothing but Colombian gold bud, red bud, and brown dirt bud. Seedy as heck but it would emaciate you to the point of you felt like you were glued to your chair for hours on end. We threw away thousands of seeds not knowing how valuable they would be in the future. Does anyone possibly have a link to get those seeds?

I don’t but maybe @MDBuds might be able to point you in a direction possibly @Bearfan

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@Bearfan have you checked out the landrace team?

@Bearfan today is you lucky day… it just so happens i read a thread that discussed this topic…

I noticed this site referrenced and it has tons of info:

I also found this about acapulco gold:

@MDBuds Who’s the landrace team?

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@MDBuds - Landrace team looks awesome! too much info… i don’t even know where to begin.

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@MDBuds - this one looks like my choice - i gotta order this one!


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Well I could not resist the temptation of ordering a landrace team PAKRAI75 10-pack

(Thai Chiang Rai male) x (Pakistan1975 female)

100% sativa (Thai Chiang Rai) and 100% indica (Pakistan1975)

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Good luck to you! I love the landraces.

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