12 fo banana kush outdoor

Kind of scared of height and yield. I am sure it isn’t a real problem but my banana kush feminized is over 12 feet. Hoping to harvest soon because you can start to see behind my tree line … I have read so much about when to harvest but how to really tell?


That’s awesome! :sunglasses:

She looks to be pretty early in flower - from what I can see you probably have 5-6 weeks left to go. She should slow down on the stretching at this point though, so she’s probably just about done getting taller.

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Ok thanks. I thought by October she would be started indoors in March but she busted out of tent


Wow she’s a beaut :partying_face: but I definitely agree, she should be done stretching but you’re looking at several weeks of flower remaining. Hope she produces well for you and would love to see a few end result pics!!


Also not really sure of outdoor style but it may pay dividends to tie them branches down so you get more light in the ol girls lower sites :man_shrugging:t2: Maybe someone with more experience outside can shelf some light on that matter!

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Yes she is so tall. I heard the strain is prone to mold but so far so good. Thanks for help

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I guess you needed the 12 man Coleman tent. Ha.

That is a real impressive beast. I bet you could pull 5 lbs off that if it finishes. I am always too scared to let them get that big. You must have green friendly neighbors or good security dogs.