White Truffle Ice Cream 3 Weeks Flower

6 White Truffle Ice Creams and 2 Peyote WiFi in the back. 5x5 ac infinity tent. Old school Fox Farm soil and nutrients line. 2 600w old school hps air cooled hoods. Happy Growing :sunglasses::herb:🪴


Curious what’s that bottle hanging down for

Probably some kind of CO2 supplement or something would be my guess


I believe it is a Co2 canister. With all that light you can get use a little extra Co2.

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It is Co2, Enhance 30 day bottle refills natural Co2 emissions. Single best thing I’ve added to my grows 🪴 I push a lot of light at the girls and they responded immediately to the Co2 addition :+1:t2:

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Week 4 flower. Done with the stretch just at the right height. 6 White truffle ice creams pheno hunt:
White truffle ice cream reminds me of white widow, minus the skunk. Definitely has an ice cream cake sweetness to the terps. Definitely indica dominant in growth structure, very dense and bushy. 2 peyote Wi-Fi’s have already reached higher than the canopy and they had 4 weeks less of veg.