Shine A Little Light...on my Grow

I started adding a tsp of ammonia to my feedings & it made the plants very lush, have not tried misting yet.

Mike…just watch my RULES!
Never mist them with ammonia in the sun outside or under high discharge light indoors. Mornings or evenings where there is no direct sun. They will burn ( just like neem oil or horticultural soap or spinosad). I do mist clones 2-3 times a day when needed under CLONER lights only. If you have strong lights on your clones, dim them, raise them more, or just do it before or after on cycle.
Make sure the leaves have dried before you mist them again the same day. I usually do 3 mists per day while needed.
Minimize or kill fans for a couple hours. Ammonia reduces to nitrate in solution much slower than it evaporates off as a gas. It would rather become a gas then reduce to nitrate while on the leaves in solution. It will evaporate away too fast under strong air flow and not be effective.
Only use on vegetative plants. Once they stack calyxes in bloom you don’t want to get ammonia on the buds. They don’t want nitrogen blast while blooming. It can slow flowering times by then.

Thanks as always, thats good info, & i will be misting my clones…

Thank you very much for your input, Ill keep everyone posted on my progress.