New way to train plants

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Here’s my invention works really well

they will hold 2.6LB


I sure like your invention more. The energy feels so much better. Sign me up!

One day, all will learn energy is energy is energy. You put in trash, wonder how that makes my digestion feel later? :thinking:

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The string locks order off line give like 6bucks for them and string is cotton i put bee’s wax on it and the clamps come from Walmart


Isn’t there a block of something similar for fishing line or something? For some reason, that popped in my head when you were explaining. Regardless, I do have beeswax and I do need to make a trellis. I have some Blue Hyacinth to create something with. Thanks for the suggestions! Every little bit of clearance helps. :pray::v::herb::hibiscus:

@Mrpiff I AM asking nicely for you to remove the offensive material of this image, please. A good photo edit should help. Your behavior may feel good to you, but your energy affects every single person around here, their livelihoods, and you. I’ve had enough of it.

You must be taking about floating the string locks are like you see on a draw string

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