New Day, New Journey

nothing, what would make you think you upset me? Did I say something wrong, or not say something right?

If no one told you, you are so talented and your green thumb shows remarkably…Maybe a plant stand would not be a bad idea


Hahahaha! It’s your and my winning chemistry mixing together. Disregard and walk away with me.

Your compliment means a lot to me. Plant stand where? I need a lot of things, especially air flow and other things, but I’m trying to reign it in so I can get all the things typed out in the appropriate places and that takes a long time sitting down undisturbed and would you believe this doesn’t seem possible even though I no longer have small children?

I need hanging walls that I can do stuff with. Did you know that y’all inspire me? Thank you.

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I guess one foot in front of the other…breathe in, breathe out…
A plant cart at the Mariachi Plaza…a plant wall at your DOMICILE…to keep stuff in, to keep stuff out
Let me know how it goes with the relocation if that is the reality. I will not know where I am at for the time being but the friends I do not have, may come to the rescue, or demise

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Y’all have got to give me a heads up with the costume wearing around here. I’m going to do my best to just go with the flow. Energy is energy is energy is energy and I know who feels like who, even if I don’t know the appropriate signage that should be hanging above.


Insert words here to be accompanied by:

Shaking off a migraine where things feel weird for no reason. Ha!

Spatial awareness wins again. Oops. This is enough posting.

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Edinburgh_Beltane_Fire_Festival_2012_-_Red_Beastie_Drummers…, Also had a headache all day…

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Headache from participating in the Fire festival? Hope you are feeling better.

I did a lot of work today. I’m exhausted. My hands hurt and are disgusting as is the rest of me. Here are a just a few things. Sans the cannabis.

A soup of squash, pumpkins, some beautiful jewel toned corn, and ground cover. Y’all know the deal, I will be back to edit.

I apparently bought every kind of lavender available at the time of purchase. I have Broadleaf, Czech, English, Munstead, French, and Hidcote. I like things that smell good, plus I’m eager to try something along the lines of perfume/essential oils. I will try my best to afford what I need.

Ms. Josephine is showing off for real now. She is very much enjoying the sun. She’s growing into her second year. At the end of the season, I will divide her roots and process some fresh for medicine and the remainder of her roots for further growing.

This bed is a work in progress as I’m still letting them tell me how they like their placement. Poppies, Skullcap, Sweet Violets (naturalized; I worked around), Bee Balm, Calendula.

French Mullein (R upper corner), Hopi Tobacco, and a transplanted Poppy of some unknown origin. I think it was meant to be thinned out and she decided, “Not in this house.”

Hopi Tobacco with a friend.

Last but not least, the grow room aka nursery. Too much going on to explain from an exhausted brain. I left my book of Faces open for the nitty gritty.

PS: Not cannabis. Hibiscus manihot. Leaves are used as thickening agents for soups and the like.

I hope y’all are doing well! Much love and peace! :v: :heartpulse:

PS: Apologies for scaring y’all with being me. It’s been a rough ride mentally with significant PTSD after riding like the Grim Reaper, mourning two significant people (My Creator/My Creation) in my life back to back with the backstory that sounds like a split between V.C. Andrews and To Kill A Mockingbird, hubs six heart attacks, plus all the other chaos while also returning to health. I’m no different than anyone else and I know it’s not easy to watch. I appreciate the patience and don’t require sympathy. Sometimes walking through life’s muck looks significantly messy depending on perspective, I just don’t speak about mine often as I tend to shock people with the reality.


@kmac03 no fire festival for me…, just thought I’d share the moment… my bad for the L8 reply…

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No worries about the late reply. I have ADD. Thanks for stopping by. :v:t2:



Ruminating, if not allowed, please advise.

Mold and mildew in the walls means I have to go, stuff just starts mildewing. Can you imagine what my sinuses look like? Anyway, no plant sales or giving away here for this very reason since I’m not trying to infect anyone with anything, but I’m still planting in flats that I will put outside. Now I have to buy something to put out and put a lock on it.

So, for today, I will start these and then I will come back later and update.

And just like that, I was given a gift.

My Garden of Eden, thus far. Do you see what I see?

Moving everyone out of the room to go see the Light.

children of the corn?

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@kmac03 Looks like a VICTORY garden to me…

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@kmac do you happen to grow calamus?

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Thanks for the compliment.

RE: Calamus Not at this time. I had some sneak in once and then Aleister the Cat took a liking to it so it is no more. Once I figure out where I will be, I’d love to try on purpose. Do you grow it?

Braided together even.