New Day, New Journey

Also, I didn’t know until about 15 minutes ago that not all states are free to grow tobacco. We have a lot of weird laws.

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Tomorrow is Vaccination Day. I forgot to get liquid Benadryl today, I’m absolutely positive all is going to go well and if I start to have a weird issue, I’ll eat that Benadryl pill like it’s my job.

This moment has been brought to you by: ANXIETY :v:t2: :star_struck:

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I have to wait until next week for vax so I’ll try to contain myself. (No access)

Here is a perfect example of my spatial awareness problem. I just bought this light. I need a light that goes the whole length. :cry:

More seeds soaking. Lots going to the community. People are hungry, y’all. If you own a dispensary, you should be popping food seeds and giving them out with purchase.

Speaking of which, I was given a seed grant for medicinal herbs/flowers that I haven’t even touched yet because now I have to buy a raised bed because I’m running out of room, quickly.

What today’s rhythm sounds like.

Wide flat pots. Who carries these? I’m not talking a swimming pool, because I did consider it. 10 gal wide pots.

Did you know that when your plants grow up, much like children, they require a bunch of stuff at the same time, too? I forgot how stressful back to school shopping was. Power bill…plant and school requirements…in a flood zone. (Releasing sarcasm so as to adapt and overcome)

Today is Friday, March 28, 2021.
Waning Gibbous Moon.

Screenshot (113)

External Weather:

High of 52 F, low of 35F
Flooding in our neighborhoods and external areas, along with tornado damages. Clear as of now; Hard freeze warning overnight.
External humidity: 33%
Dew point: 23F
Pressure: 30.22 inHg
UV Index: Low, 1
Visibility: 10mi

Grow Room Weather:

High of 74F, low of 62F
Humidity: 45%
No rain was expected today. It was sunny and pleasant. :slight_smile:

Notes on Alkaloids and what they mean/how they work for plants. Alkaloids act as defense mechanisms and there’s some interesting notes on how the Opioid epidemic started. More notes to come.


Schisandra chinesis x 3 into 3 gal pot; will attach vining teepee or yoyo

*Also known as wu wei zi and five flavored fruit. It’s known as an adaptogen. Adaptogens mean it’s good for your body and the effects will be felt over time. It’s a fantastic antioxidant (gets rid of those pesky things that cause cancer), cardiotonic, and immune tonic, as well as an anxiolytic (helps anxiety calm down). It comes as peppercorns, so you can use it in place of pepper, but if you have stomach acid problems, I would maybe add it to tea to keep heartburn down. I love Schisandra for menopause, and general well-being all the time. It goes in my tea every time I make it.

Greek Mountain tea x 5 into separate solo cups (three to community)
Pepperbox poppies x 3 blocks (not at all the correct word, will edit); 2 blocks into 3 gal pot with Passiflora incarnata; will attach vining teepee or yoyo

Frankenstein auto x 1 into cup
Purple Haze auto x 1 into cup
Alaska Purple auto is filling out again after the last LST and defoliation.

French Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is doing wonderfully. I think I have a male and female, which is handy, so more seedmaking. Mullein is an excellent respiratory and lymphatic (fights the good fight against invaders for us) system assisting herb. The first year, you can use the flowers and leaves to put into tea to assist with congestion and regeneration of health. Second year, harvest ALL of it, most especially the roots. All can be dried and combined into a tincture or tea, but tincture is preferable. This stuff smells like Christmas to me. I think this one is going to be one of my jams (not musically or on toast).

Further notes:

White Sage is growing up. :star_struck: Please do not pick this if you see it growing naturally. It is now endangered and may notice many others growing this as many are trying to get it re-established in the wild.

The rest: tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, Honesty, catnip, and lemon balm are coming along nicely. Echinacea is going to bloom soon, which I look forward to. Calendula is growing like crazy.

Chinese Balsam is going to be fun, very proliferate and will be beautiful. It has exploding seed pods that are fun for kids and adults to squeeze. It’s one of my favorite things to do. They freak people out in a fun way. Chinese Balsam is full of mucilage, so I’ll let whoever reads this figure out what mucilage is good for.

I have harvested fresh, long cayenne seeds. :seedling:

Working through a fever, so I’m extra crunchy with even myself. I’m sure I’ll be back to edit 700 times. Pretty sure this is brought on by all the sun. Has anyone tried farmer’s sleeves? I think I need to get some.

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8 acres of crops are gone from this organization. If anyone can assist in whatever way they can, this place gives people another chance. I believe my org is going to be donating all of my seed grant seeds.

My people around here are hurting. People are thanking me profusely for giving them tomato plants. This bothers my heart oddly. I just want to hug them and I can’t. I’m giving away all my furniture, down the street, people have lost everything again. Our foster system is overburdened.

If there is one thing we, as humanity, have is resilience. When you think you have nothing that can make a difference, I’m here to tell you that you can. Go through your cupboards, give out your food you aren’t going to eat. Your toiletries, your clothes, toys, etc. Our friends and neighbors need us. We need one another.

I have a new friend.

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just so you know, if you do not have a spotify account, you cannot listen, unlike youtube who is ubiquitos

So, what you are saying is you would prefer youtube links. I have fixed it for you. :upside_down_face:

That is SO KIND of you to do that for me…thank you
With all the disasters in Tn, is there any LAND (small acreage) available at LOW / discount / distress rates (possibly with Fed or State or Local funds / programs / Start-up ventures…for you to start something…


Probably, but now isn’t the time for me to look. Surrounding me, I’m very fortunate and I feel strange being grateful, if that makes sense. I have looked previously, problem is, most is under water right now. I’m not sure how much longer as I believe the rivers are supposed to crest again.

I hope I am always kind to you and if I’m not, that you will forgive me.

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I will ALWAYS forgive you…The Price tag is that YOU ALWAYS FORGIVE ME TOO
Sometimes the best time to act is when things are at their worst…If someone just reaches the point where they are done and want to bail out, they can be willing to accept their loss, bite their tongue and give up…Events, even catastrophic ones, are powerful motivators. Maybe, if you found a SMALL piece (even a 1/4 acre) or someone was willing to bring in a partner, junior partner, cash infusion, assistance…they might be willing to negotiate your interest. Maybe an investment…Let me know as I might consider

Agreed. I just don’t want a flood tornado to take it out again in a year. I have to leave it better than when I left it and as a source for others. I’m borrowing your energy here so I can follow the flow. I’m a bit off center as I have not had to deal with real people in this capacity for a while and the overwhelm is a bit much. (People coming to get plants) I will revisit this until it’s clear.

“I will ALWAYS forgive you…The Price tag is that YOU ALWAYS FORGIVE ME TOO”
Already done, it was just waiting for you. :v:t2:

I recall living in New Jersey and we had the FLOODS every year. We got bales of hay / straw…Staked them into the ground and planted our gardens ON TOP OF THE HAY BALES…They were like 3’ high…The floods were not raging, just flood water and the stakes stopped them from moving…we had successful raised veggy gardens. We DID have 2x4 cross beams over the top to prevent the BALES FROM FLOATING…DO not let tomorrow stop today

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This is April Fool’s Day.


oops…I guess you have to know what day it is in order to know what day it is…Marijuana causes short term memory loss


What were we talking about? I’ve had a lot of conversations since. :thinking: :v:t2: :rofl:

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I’m borrowing y’all while I’m riffing through a list in my head:

Army Corp of Engineers map
Survey (I only know surveyors in the south and TX)
Schools (building potential)
Churches on every damn corner (could be potential space for sale, already divided up…)
Woodmont/12S hit hardest this time; tornados took out E Nasty x 2 in as many years; this same thing is happening in Norfolk, VA. Everything was built on top of canals (hence Army Corp of Eng requirement); something that could be overcome within 10/20 years might be okay (like able to build on top of property after original building is claimed)
Pharmacies galore
FEMA map of affected areas won’t churn out for a week or more, not all the teams are even in place yet

What’s a normal flood zone? 20 years? My friend is a Doc at the University of Geneva, he’s transferring to UT. Woot! And there goes the rabbit…

This is whether canna or not, by the way. I’ve heard some ‘things’ about a mix of my flowers.

Thanks for your patience. I will delete once it settles out.

NY made BIG BUSINESS by opening up ROOFTOP GARDENS. Many of the business districts had empty warehouses, underutilized space and the ROOFTOP GARDENING MOVEMENT BEGAN!

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I love that idea. Thank you.

Y’all…snow again!!! It was 82 two days ago. :rofl: :joy: :rofl: Someone is having a laugh. Is this Hogwart’s? Who’s making pollen with the Agent?