Mutation from seeds I bought in this site

I was only concerned because it’s only the seeds I popped from the site that are struggling. The commercial seeds I popped and normally pop never have this issue🤷🏻‍♂️

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It’s because it was bred with GG#4. Their zkittlez is pretty stable. A lot of cultivars bred with gg#4 have issues. It’s hard to stabilize a hermie strain. Just look at how long it took to stabilize Durban poison and that still pops up with hermies and mutations. Lol


These are images from other seeds from the particular strain. They my only cultivar that is struggling

I hope I am not offensive but they do not look healthy at all. It is hard to tell becasue the leaves are wet but it appears you got a lot of moisture going on, the plant looks stretched, unless it is a sativa, a little big for a solo cup, maybe time to transplant and not sure but some kind of nutrient issue like magnesium, not manganese.


No offense taken. I had just Spritz them with folier spray and the lights just turned on. My point is that they look unhealthy to me as well. They are seeds I bought from this site and are the only ones I’m having problems with. I veg with an hlg 150 and a60 Watt full spectrum light from Amazon. I first planted the cultivar in September and 2 of the 4 planted hermaphrodite on me so I tossed them. The rest of the pack I planted in beginning of November and this is what’s happening again🤷🏻‍♂️

Lets start at the beginning. What are you growing in (medium, size of container and how are you starting your seeds). What do you water them with and how often. What are the temps and rh of your environment. What is the ph of your water. Do you add nutrients. What are you spraying with. How far are your lights from the plants and do you control the intensity or is height adjust your method

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I seem to be haveing the same trouble with seeds I purchase at a different sight.doing the same thing I have always done and have had Good luck. Is it possible that the postal service did something to Kill the virus that affected the seeds

Opinion i would say switch them flowering plant like it a little cooler veging plants like it a little warmer.

Unfortunately it’s only happening to seeds I purchased from here. I made 3 separate purchases. I’m just hoping that when I start my next run and the one after it doesn’t continue. Literally isn’t happening to any other plants I started.

@Oschino did you get all the same cultivar or separate cultivars? I have tried a bunch of seeds from HCC and have only really had issues with the ones bred in hydro using in a soil grow. All of their regs are amazing and so far all of their fem strains performed exceptionally for me except the pheno of orange skunk that I got that appears to have rooting issues in soil so I think it’s one of the strains bred using hyrdo.

I got several cultivar. The 3 pointer mix pack was the worst pack so far. The gg4 x zkittles is also a problem. It’s the same mutations with both, very slow growth on some and with the 3 point pack, the chocolope didn’t pop, the strawberry cough was mutated and had super slow growth so slow I just gave up on them after 2 months and trashed them. 2 of the 3 lemon Haze are in flower.

I have no problems with the NYC diesel she’s chugging along beautifully.