Diy nutrients VS expensive nutrients

The golden leap of faith. Nice, but I agree with Mike that the foliar feed is faster. Thru the soil may take a week or so.

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Well since I was cleaning the aquarium I went ahead and gave each plant a gallon or two of good fish poopy water and then I foliar sprayed them with urine water so between the two they should darken up one way or another.


If the urine adds the N the plant needs, it means you have an issue with N in your soil. Eventually you have to correct that. Then comes the issue - adding too much N messes up the P&K ratio. I would consider a good 3 day flush to re-set the soil. There are so many things can can be restricting the uptake of N and you have to resolve that without messing up the Ph balance, NPK ratios. Else, you gonna pee on them till harvest :rofl:

It is weird because there are four other plants out of this same batch of soil that is just kicking ass. It was just these four buckets in this tent that have the problem and they are from the same seed bank. As opposed to the other seeds that came from another source. I can already tell a difference in the size of the plant and the color.

@dmtscravey what soil are you using i was thinking in the past you used MG or have you changed

you state: “just these 4 buckets in ““THIS”” tent”
if it is proprietary to the tent, then it is a VPD / light / temp / rh / air circulation condition.

Temperature runs 68 to 75 with 60% Rh the light is a Mars-Hydro FC-3000 Currently at 100% at 22" above canopy in Miracle-Gro potting mix with an oscillating 16" fan in the tent.

That’s your problem i think @dmtscravey the MG has to much nitrogen so i would flush couple times and then smaller feedings

I think Reed hit it spot on. One of the issues with MGro is the age of the product. Many stores maintain stock and it ages, especially if it spent time on a pallet or outdoors (like Home Depot, Lowes) where the bags are outside. It only takes about 3 months of HEAT to totally disrupt the nutrient balance of a soil amended with nutrients.

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That’s why i stopped using it by time it gets to flower started having to much nitrogen and had issues like the plant was pulling everything from the leaves trying to keep up with the nitrogen flush and give small feeding with no nitrogen or with small amount of nitrogen

My last grow I used only 1 gal cloth bags and a mixture of peat, coco, gypsum, perlite, vermiculite and a handful living soil and after 3rd node, Jacks 20/10/20 orchid food (synthetic, water soluble) all the way to last few weeks of flower. Then went to Full Tilt for 2 weeks, 2 weeks flush. I got massive returns, over an ounce a container, up to 3 on certain strains. I can fit easily 24 of the 1 gal cloth bags in just half my tent

Here is the rest of my grow not all of it but the stuff that’s in flower mostly. Remember when you were guiding me on the two white widows and that’s all I had going? Things have blown up since then I have become addicted to lights, tents and plants LOL