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Hi all , i have a problem with stunting branches are to close , possibly less than 1”1/2 between them ,the leaves now have purple veining stems and is all a very very light green. They’re growing in coco/perlite & using an A&B nutrients 1200ppm 600w hps in a grow tent.
Ph 5.8.
I learned to check the run off ppm and it was high 2400ppm so i flushed until back to 700ppm.
What ppm should the new level of nutrients be mixed and added at & should they be fed everyday as before if the nutrients build the same again? Thanks.

Hi there Digzy just wanted to say high there. Unfortunately i cant awnser your question but i am sure someone will be along son to help you out.

Hey my first auto grow don’t know what strand

I use fox farm products and in my opinion I think that soil is very forgiving and I run my ph in the 6-7 range and I don’t try to get the same number so the plants will take different nutrients from this. I get good harvest and I hope whatever you go with you are happy. I get my supply I E tenths and lights from HTG growing supply and they are good to me never a problem. Hope this helps. Stay safe and grow happy